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An intuitive, holistic counselling approach that uses the language of intuition to uncover blocks, beliefs and feelings that may not be readily conscious. This energetic and practical way of working combines healing techniques with talking, listening and therapeutic guidance. This counselling approach elicits an understanding of the limiting paradigms and experiences that cause emotional tension and pain and provides tools and techniques to assist in releasing them. When the voice of the mind, body, heart and spirit speak, we uncover the true meaning and purpose of life.


  • 60 - 90 minute sessions depending on the techniques used

  • Sessions conducted in person (Surrey) or online



Individuals who are:

  • seeking emotional release and re-balancing

  • wondering ‘is this all there is?’

  • living in a state of anxiety

  • experiencing difficulties adapting to change or loss

  • traversing a ‘dark night’ or going through life transitions

  • feeling as though fear and worry rule their life

  • struggling with letting go of the past and its interference with present life

  • facing identity/self-esteem issues

  • questioning their purpose or direction

  • having difficulty understanding why they are feeling stuck or feeling a certain way, and would like to feel differently

  • longing for a greater, fuller, more meaningful life

  • willing to reflect on what is preventing them achieving and serving the highest version of themselves

  • seeking reconnection with their true self

  • wishing to stir up that innate knowing and self-trust already instilled deep within their soul

Psychology Session



  • One-to-one counselling

  • Use of healing and re-balancing techniques, where appropriate

  • A compassionate,
    non-judgemental approach

  • Someone who will listen
    to you, guide you and support you

  • Someone who is impartial and can help you identify
    the best path forward


  • An increased understanding of self, others and the world around you

  • An unravelling of limiting paradigms and understanding of what’s holding you back

  • New perspectives and insights into situations you find yourself in

  • Releasing of emotional tension and emotional pain

  • An appreciation of who you really are and the unique gifts, talents and skills you bring

  • Increased self-belief and authentic self-confidence

  • Improved relationships and social life

  • Positive changes and an increased sense of well-being

  • Improved mindsets across life’s domains

  • Guidance and answers from the inner wisdom of your heart

  • Strategies to overcome stress, anxiety and other negative emotions

  • Tools to help you navigate situations, circumstances and obstacles

  • An understanding of where you are and where you want to be

  • Establishing concrete steps to start you on the next phase of your life’s journey

  • A path to increased fulfilment, happiness and more joy in life


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